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Ocean Freight Calculator ™
Whether you want to buy goods from China through TEXIN LIMITED or already ordered goods from suppliers in China and need them shipped to your location, you can use our Ocean Freight Calculator to find out shipping prices to your location.
To get live quotations please help us by providing some information about your cargo:

Load type
Please indicate the load type you want to ship:
Small Cargo (LCL)
(Less than a Container Load) / Combined – Mixed Containers
Container Loads (FCL)
20'/40'/40' HQ DRY Containers
[more about container types...]
If your cargo is not enough to fill a full container, we can provide LCL Ocean Cargo Shipping for smaller loads. We consolidate cargo from multiple customers to multiple destinations, so that each client can be able to ship loads of for instance a few boxes or a few CBM.
For larger loads that take up to a full standard steel dry container. If you need to enquire prices for other special types of containers like for instance refrigerated containers, open tops, flexi tanks, or other transportation methods please contact us for more information.
Departure & Destination
[FROM] Departure port (China):
Port in China where cargo load needs to depart from:

[TO] Destination Country / Port:
Select the destination port or country where merchandise needs to arrive:

*To get quotes from your location to China or to other locations you can contact us directly.

  Products you can import from China (Chinese Products E-Cattalogue)
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saucepot 24cm
Material:aluminium alloy
2 layer non-stick coating and heat resistant coating
bakelite handle...

Product code: 936
Cookware,Saucepot,Frying pan,Tools,Saucepan,Wok
Min. Order Qty
3,000 pcs
Starting Price
Only available to Premium Users
Biomass Pellet Heater - 40,000Kcal
Model: Warm air conditioner
Fuel: wood pellet
Output: Hot Water
Usage: Domestic
Pressure: Standard P...

Product code: 1174
Heat pumps
wood pellet heater, biomass boiler, pellet stove, pellet burner, air conditioner, warm air conditioning, pellet heaters, fuel, fueled, steam boiler
Min. Order Qty
1 pcs
Starting Price
Only available to Premium Users
Sock Knitting Machine
3-1/2 plain sock knitting machine
Max speed: 300~320rpm/min
Can knit 6 main colours in one course,Possibility ...

Product code: 170
Factory Machinery & Automatic Machines
Sock Knitting Machine,Knitting Machine.
Min. Order Qty
5 set
Starting Price
Only available to Premium Users
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